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Introducing our beautiful handcrafted wooden toy stegosaurus – a majestic addition to your child's prehistoric playtime adventures! Carefully carved, this enchanting toy brings the wonder of the Jurassic era right into your little one's hands.


With its smooth, rounded edges, this toy provides a safe and tactile play experience, inviting your child to explore the mysteries of the ancient world.


Whether your child is recreating scenes from the dinosaur age or inventing their own prehistoric stories, this toy encourages creativity and curiosity.


Quality and safety are extremely important to us – our wooden stegosaurus is built to withstand the enthusiastic play of little explorers. Transport your child to a world of discovery and fascination with this beautifully crafted, prehistoric companion. Order your wooden stegosaurus today and let the Jurassic adventures begin!


Product Information:

Width: 25cm

Height: 10cm

Weight: 313g

Wooden Toy Stegosaurus

  • Please note, due to the size of our wooden toys, personalisation can only be one word.

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