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Step into the enchanting realm of the wild with our finely crafted wooden elephant – a majestic addition to your child's imaginative play! Lovingly carved, this delightful toy brings the charm of the savanna right into your little one's hands.


The wooden toy elephant features a lifelike design that captures the essence of this gentle giant. Its smooth, rounded edges ensure a safe and enjoyable play experience, inviting your child to embark on captivating adventures in the heart of the wilderness.


No matter if your child is on their own a wildlife safari or crafting stories of friendship and loyalty, the wooden toy elephant is the perfect companion for fostering imagination and empathy.


Prioritising quality and safety, our wooden elephant is built to withstand the energetic play of young explorers. Bring the magic of the animal kingdom to your child's playtime with this beautifully crafted toy. Order your wooden elephant today and let the wild adventures unfold!


Our wooden baby elephant is the perfect companion!


Product Information:

Width: 20 cm

Height: 19cm

Weight: 700g

Wooden Toy Elephant

  • Please note, due to the size of our wooden toys, personalisation can only be one word.

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