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Join us on a wild safari expedition with our enchanting wooden safari set – a delightful collection of handcrafted toys that brings the magic of the savanna to your child's playtime! Carefully carved, this set features a rhino, lion, giraffe, baby giraffe, elephant, and baby elephant, each designed to inspire imaginative adventures in the heart of the animal kingdom.


The wooden rhino, with its rugged charm, adds a touch of safari excitement to the set. Crafted for safe and enjoyable play, its smooth, rounded edges ensure hours of creative fun.


Roar into the world of make-believe with our wooden toy lion, a regal companion for thrilling safari tales and jungle adventures. Its natural wood finish adds an authentic touch, creating a visually appealing and eco-friendly toy for your little explorer.


Stretching gracefully into the set is our wooden giraffe, capturing the elegance of the savanna with meticulous craftsmanship. Inspire tales of tall trees and gentle creatures, fostering creativity in every play session. While our baby giraffe brings an extra dose of adorable charm, inviting your child to nurture and care for their baby safari friend. The sweet and endearing design makes it a heartwarming addition to the set.


Our wooden elephant and baby elephant, with its majestic presence, completes the safari ensemble. Crafted for durability and safety, this elephant encourages stories of wildlife adventures and elephant herds in the vast plains.


Our wooden safari set prioritises quality and safety, ensuring these toys are built to withstand the enthusiastic play of young explorers. Foster a love for wildlife, conservation, and imaginative play with these beautifully crafted toys. Order your wooden toy safari set today and let the adventures come to life in your child's imaginative world!


Product Information:

Weight: 1.917kg

Wooden Safari Set

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